Extensions Strip Release Notes

1.9.3 (8 May, 1999)

• OS 8.6 compatibility (while retaining backwards compatibility down to 7.5).

• Fixed compatibility with modules that change the contents of the Clipboard (this was had been lost in 1.9.1). Some of these modules are StringBoss, HalStrip, and Clip Changer.

• Fixed a minor problem where new strips weren't using the current localized System font.

• New Control Panels Strip version 3.3 that displays pretty 32 bit icons!

• Added a bunch of "secret" preferences that don't have a user interface yet. In order to change these settings, you need to need to feel comfortable with using a resource editor such as ResEdit or Resorcerer. (Ok, I would have added a real user interface, but I needed to get this version released before I leave for WWDC tomorrow morning and OS 8.6 hits the streets... bad Ammon, no cookie.) If you like power tools, then open (the quit) Extensions Strip application in your resource editor of choice and open the 'pref' resource. You will see the following On/Off (0/1) settings:

-- Run modules inside ES (requires OS 8.5+): ES 1.9.1 introduced the running of modules within ES's context (like Control Strip 2.0 does). This is cool because if a module happens to cause a crash, it will usually just take down Extensions Strip and not the front application. Unfortunately, this causes problems with modules that need to use the Clipboard (see above). You shouldn't need to change this option however unless you are a programmer developing a module has some bugs to be worked out ;-)

-- Don't dispose modules when ES is quit: If ES is crashing when you shutdown/restart, and doesn't report to you which module caused the problem, try setting this to On (1) before you go through trial and error to find the bad module.

-- Use pointing hand when mouse in strip: To have the cursor change to a pointing hand when inside a strip, set this.

-- All modules appear raised: If you want modules like Process Manager to have a raised look like other modules, set this.

-- Unanchored strips grow upwards or to the left: If you'd like to place a strip perpendicular to the right or bottom sides of your monitor, set this.

-- Live volume change in sound slider: With Apple's Sound Volume module that has a slider menu, the volume will change as you move the mouse in the slider. (Very nice when listening to CDs/mp3s with headphones!)

-- Un-iconize strip when mouse moves over tab: If you set this, an iconized strip will expand when the mouse glides over it.

-- Iconize strip after clicking on a module: When you release the mouse after clicking on a module, the strip it resides on will be iconized when this option is set.


Extensions Strip Summary

Extensions Strip hosts control strip modules in the most flexible environment out there. Its theme is "extensions with a global interface" because of the extra power it gives to modules, especially the Extensions Strip savvy ones. Included in the package are two useful modules, a few icon themes, and developer stuff.

  • Feature summary:

    - Operates on all Macs (with Color Quickdraw & System 7.5 or later) and runs Power PC native with 68K compatibility.

    - Backward compatible with all existing control strip modules and hosts a new breed of Power PC native and Extensions Strip savvy modules.

    - Dynamically configurable.

    - Integrated drag and drop.

    - Includes Universal C and Pascal header files for the API, and a sample FAT C project to demonstrate it.

    - Includes a new, freeware module called Process Manager. It is a FAT binary, Extensions Strip savvy, module for displaying and accessing processes.

    For more information or downloads: http://www.skidperfect.com/es/


Shareware by Ammon Skidmore, Skidperfect Software, Inc.

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