ES 2 public beta 6

These files supplement those found in the final 1.9.3 install


To install:

• Extensions Strip Control goes in your Control Panels folder.

• Extensions Strip - FAT goes in your startup items folder.

• Whether you disable Control Strip is up to you - it doesn't matter.

• Restart your Mac.


Changes since ES 2.0b5

* Fixed a crash that occurred when clicking on the "Default Folder Strip" module.

* Fixed a rare crash with the feature that collapses a strip when it covers the front window.

* Tweaked the menubar mode a bit more.

* Renamed some items in the strip contextual menu (thanks to suggestions from John Bailey).


Changes since ES 2.0b4

New Features:

* Menubar mode. Clicking and moving the mouse around the strip will popup the menus of other modules. (Process Manager users should install the new version included in this package so menubar mode works properly. HandyMan users should use at least version 2.1b1.)

* "Iconize when mouse leaves strip" feature (control-click a strip's tab to access this)

* "Iconize when covering front window" feature (control-click a strip's tab to access this)

* Mini modules won't shrink long modules like Apple's battery CSM.

* Clicking on the border of a strip clicks on the module underneath, rather than moving the strip.


Bugs Fixed:

* compatibility with modules that use the clipboard.

* compatibility with Apple's Sound Volume 2.03 module.

* strips properly hide again when menubar is hidden (resolved a strange carbonlib problem).

* control panel no longer crashes if ES is not already launched.


The ResExcellence contest word is: "eggshell".



Changes since ES 2.0b3

* Now works with Mac OS 9.1 (in addition to all OS versions down to System 7.5).

* Themes can now use separate horizontal and vertical background patterns (try DarkTheme).

* If the "Hide strips in screensavers/games" option is on, the strips will no longer occasionally flash when a popupmenu is selected inside a Carbon application.

* Disabled the funky patches that allowed modules to modify the Clipboard. I hope that this will solve some odd crashes that a few users have seen. I suspect that not many users rely on modules that modify the Clipboard. If I am wrong, and this functionality is important to you, please let me know with an email stating the module(s) that you need for Clipboard use and I'll see what can be done.

* If you open ES-FAT in ResEdit and turn off the background-only flag of the 'SIZE' resource, then the next time you launch ES it will launch as a normal application with normal (non-floating) windows. These strip windows are special, however, in that you can click on them while inside other applications and ES will never be switched to. If you try this feature, I'd like to hear what you think of it.



Changes since ES 2.0b1

* Supports Multiple Users. One cool bonus from this is that different users can have different sets of modules (different root module folders). This is done by setting a different name for the root modules folder from the control panel. The renaming dialog has been slightly changed to allow you to select another root folder (rather than just renaming as before) so that you can switch between folders while running on a locked system (underprivileged users). Note that ES will now automatically quit itself when you log out of OS 9 (this hasn't been tested under AtEase, but it may work). Each user should have an alias to ES-FAT in their startup items folder so that ES can reload with their preferences/module set.

* Added some more features to the strip contextual menu (control-click on a strip's title icon).

* Themes can now have custom popup arrows if you are using OS 8.5 or higher.

* Bugs fixed:

* Updated the web links in the control panel and updated ES's logo.

* New final version 1.5 of Process Manager. See its version history!

* Programmers: there's a new esmod and there's a new feature in the headers. Modules can now tell ES that they don't want to be affected by the Miniature Modules option (this is only for the use of smart modules that can configure their size). Set the 'sdevMiniModulesFriendly' bit for this. There also is a new ESDemo on the Skidperfect Programming web page. It has a CW 5 project and demonstrates hier menus.


ES 2.0b1 changes from the final 1.9.3:

* Strips can be latched to any side of any monitor. If a strip is latched to a side, and the size of the monitor changes, the strip will be proportionally moved to the appropriate location.

* ES can now run alongside ANY version of Control Strip (and clones). Yes, now you don't have to disable the Control Strip Extension.

* New "contextual" menu. Control click on a strip title icon to use. Everything works except for Hide Strip and the Themes submenu.

* Themes support default color schemes and color patterns. Try out the enclosed "Green Funky Colors" theme (and check out it's resources to see what's going on).

* New theme compliant sound volume slider based on the progress slider.

* For programmers I've added a new menu displaying function that works with hierarchical menus. Ask me for the header file if you want to use this.