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Skidperfect Utilities


FC Text-Picture Icon FC Text-Picture 1.1.3
Freeware - 1993-1995
FC Text-Picture converts pictures and icons into stylized text. This is useful if you want to include a small image in a place that you normally couldn't (ie. any standard Mac text box). Popular uses of this program include SimpleText documents, Macromedia's Director text fields, and online programs like FirstClass and eWorld.

This was my first widely popular application. I originally wrote it in 1993 so I could put pictures inside my FirstClass personal information. People found it to be useful on other online systems too, like eWorld, so it spread quite fast back then.

Awards: Received an honorable mention in MacUser's 1996 HandsOn shareware awards (and also got 5 mice in their Mac Download reviews). Runner up for the shareware of the year award in the June 1996 MacWorld magazine.

Reviews: Ezine30-3 Big-Sky Mac User Group (B-smug).

All original 1800 lines of THINK Pascal source code are publically available for your enjoyment.
CopyQueuer Icon CopyQueuer 1.0
Freeware - 18.July.94
CopyQueuer (pronounced Copy - Q - er) lets you make a list of files to be copied, and then instructs the Finder to copy them in one big batch job. This is quite useful for copying many files from different locations with System 7, especially if you are coping them over a slow AppleTalk network. CopyQueuer is compatible with OS 8 and 9, but is not as necessary because of the Finder's built-in background copying.

Reviews: Rated 4 mice by Mac Download (Aug 1996) “a must-have for anyone who moves lots of files around from one volume to another.”

5 Feb 2000 - CQ has been re-released as Freeware with improved documentation and publicly available source code.
Suitcase Maker Icon Suitcase Maker 1.0
Freeware - 24.Nov.92
Allows you to quickly create empty Font and DA suitcases. I still use this program after 8 years!

This was my first real Mac application publicly released under the Skidperfect Software flag. (My previous efforts were HyperCard stacks.) I wrote this program as I was beginning to learn the Mac toolbox on my B&W SE/30 (a friend's Mac II ci was used for the color about box).)

Function Keys (FKEYs): 

About FKEYs

FKEYs are small system programs that are run by pressing Command (Apple key) + Shift + number (0-9). For the last decade the Mac OS has come with four FKEYs built in: numbers 1 to 4, leaving slots 5 through 9 and 0 free for other programs. Below are some FKEYs that you may want to add to your system.

The following FKEYs come in two forms: an Installer and a Font Suitcase. The Installer will copy the FKEY in into your active System file and allow you to set the id number. If you don't want to modify your System, you can choose to install the FKEY by dropping the Font Suitcase into your Fonts folder (or onto the closed System Folder icon). If you want to configure the id number though, you'll have to use a resource editor such as ResEdit before you do this. Full THINK Pascal source code is included with each of the FKEYs below. The Installer’s source code is also available.

FKEY Icon AppleEvent Restart 1.2
Freeware - 1993
This FKEY will restart your computer just like the Restart menu command in the Finder.

If, for some reason, the Finder is not running when this FKEY is activated (ex. if you quit the Finder with Terminator Strip), the Mac will still be restarted in a nice manner.
FKEY Icon Quick Set Volume 2.0
Freeware - 1993
An FKEY for easily setting the System's sound volume (0-7). You can choose whether the change will be temporary or remembered after restart (stored in the PRAM).
FKEY Icon Quit Everything NOW! 1.1
Freeware - 1993
An FKEY that quits all open applications except for the Finder. This ability has been integrated into my Control Strip Module Terminator Strip.
FKEY Icon FC Text Insert 1.0
Freeware - 1994
This FKEY will paste the contents of a text file into the front window. It will also copy the text file's style info which makes it useful for pasting text-pictures into First Class windows.
FKEY Icon Strip Hider FKEY 1.0
Freeware - 24.May.95
This FKEY will toggle the visility of your Control Strip bar. Also works with Extensions Strip, and any other clone that supports SBShowHideControlStrip().

System Extensions (INITs):

Close It! Icon Close It! 1.0
Freeware - 2.June.95
Provides a nifty way of closing windows. With this extension installed, holding down the command and control keys while clicking on a window will close it. Also, if the window belongs to an application that is not in front, you will be returned to the front process.

Note: this functionality has been integrated into my Control Strip Module Terminator Strip adding the ability to configure the modifier keys. Full THINK C source code is included.
Control Strip Loader Icon Control Strip Loader 1.0
Freeware - 23.June.95
Forces Apple's Control Strip 1.x to load on startup if you have disabled extensions (held down the shift key on startup). This was useful in the good old days for module development when you had to restart to try out each build. Soon after making this hack, I began work on Extensions Strip so restarts would no longer be necessary (well, for that reason at least :-\ ).

Doesn't work with Control Strip 2.x (part of OS 8.5 and later) or Extensions Strip. Full THINK Pascal source code is included.


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