Control Panels Strip 3.3.1 FAT

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• About this module: 



Control Panels Strip is a control strip module that was originally designed to provide fast access to your Control Panels. Over the 6 years that is has been updated, it has grown to do a whole lot more. You can open, enable/disable, move to trash, or get info on items in your Control Panels, Extensions, Control Strip Modules, and Startup Items folders.


CPS is FAT binary (contains 680x0 and PowerPC code) and works with every control strip module host that I've ever seen. Plus, it's free and open sourced, so enjoy! (For the C source code, point your browser to



• If you are using at least Mac OS 8.5 and Control Strip, or are using any version of Extensions Strip, drag the module onto a preferred spot on the strip. Control Panels Strip will automatically be moved into the proper folder and load in place.

• Otherwise, place Control Panels Strip in your Control Strip Modules folder and restart.


Feature summary:

• Displays the items in the Control Panels folder, allowing you to easily open them, as well as the folder itself.

• Also displays your:

- Extensions if you hold down the Command( ) key

- Control Strip Modules if you hold down the Control key

- Startup items if you hold with the Option key. NB: if you are using Control Strip, option-clicking will not work since that sequence is used to move modules. Under Extensions Strip, option-clicking works if you hold down the mouse for half a second.

• Displays the respective disabled files if you hold the SHIFT key down.


And as if that wasn't enough, you can also:

• Dis/enable an item by selecting it with the shift key held down.

• Move an item to the trash by selecting it with the option key down.

• Get the Finder info of an item by selecting it with the command key down.

• Use balloon help on the module if you forget which key does what :-)

• Edit some internal preferences by opening Control Panels Strip in a resource editor (such as ResEdit or Resorcerer) and modifying the 'pref' resource. These preferences control if:

- the icons displayed are large (this won't look nice if you are using Control Strip to host your modules).

- the menus display the file label color (may make the menu look better under alternative themes).


For a pictorial walkthrough of the CPS's features, you may want to look at Control Strip Outlet's spotlight.



• Distribution:


Control Panels Strip may be distributed freely, but it must remain in its unmodified entirety. It can be put on disks and CD-ROMs that charge a reasonable fee for the cost of distributing it. I would appreciate a copy each of any such disks or CD-ROMs so that I know what it is being distributed on, but it is not a necessity. Thank you.


I also ask that you contact me about the latest version so that only that version is distributed. The latest version is always available at this internet World Wide Web location:




• Contacting the author:


I can be reached by sending e-mail to <[email protected]>, which gets forwarded to my regular e-mail address. Depending upon my work/play schedule, it may take up to one or two weeks for me to respond (I've got to have a life too you know!)


Check out more of my stuff at <>



• Disclaimer:


This software is provided as-is. The author cannot be held responsible of any damage it might cause. There is no warranty, express or implied. Blah, <insert standard disclaimer here> blah, blah…


All copyrights are property of their respective holders.



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