Control Panels Strip 3.3.1 FAT

Copyright © 1994-2000 Ammon Skidmore

Skidperfect Software, Inc.



Release Notes:


Version 3.3.1 - 1 Jan, 2000 (00.01.01)

• Under OS 9, CPS will never switch to the Finder when a control panel is opened.

• Made a few tweaks to the code, and compiled it with CodeWarrior IDE 5.


Version 3.3 - 7 May, 1999

• Will now display pretty 32-bit icons if you are using at least System 8.5.

• Will run PowerPC native under Control Strip 2.0 (part of OS 8.5). (Extensions Strip has always supported PPC native modules.)

• You can edit some internal preferences by opening Control Panels Strip in a resource editor (such as ResEdit or Resorcerer) and modifying the 'pref' resource. These preferences control if:

- the icons displayed are large (this won't look nice if you are using Control Strip to host your modules).

- the menus display the file label color (may make the menu look better under alternative themes).


Version 3.2 - 13 July, 1998

• Shows the folder name in the menu, allowing you to open it from there. (Clicking and releasing the mouse over the module's icon no longer opens the displayed folder because this "feature" got annoying sometimes.)

• The icon of the Control Strip Modules folder will now change with Kaleidoscope installed.

• If you delete CPS's triangle PICT with a resource editor (such as ResEdit), it will take up less space on the strip.

• Displays a folder mark next to folder aliases.

• Mertrowerks CodeWarrior IDE 3 source code for CPS is now publicly available.


Version 3.1.1 - 21 April, 1998

• No longer displays invisible files in the menus.

• The Finder is no longer brought to front if you open an application or move items.

• Uses the System 8 Control Strip folder icon.

• Improved icon drawing.

• Updated to CodeWarrior IDE 3 and improved the documentation.


Version 3.1 - 29 March, 1998

• Displays file and folder label colors.

• Files/folders beginning with '-' are now correctly displayed (thanks go to Bert Wynants).

• Converted project to CodeWarrior IDE 2 and cleaned up some things.


Version 3.0.1 - Dec. 9, 1995

• Fixed another FileSharing conflict.


Version 3.0 - Nov. 15, 1995

• Everything in a folder is displayed, rather than just files. Folders have a 'ƒ' symbol to the left.

• Menu displays are of a single folder, rather than version 2.0's multi-folder approach.

• Supports System 7.5's disabled folder names. Also recognizes the configurable 'Disabled Control Strip Modules' folder of Extensions Strip 1.1 and later.

• Display of the Control Strip Modules folder now uses a custom icon on the strip, since the latest system software still hasn't come up with a standard icon for it.

• Extensions Strip savvy. This means that when your module host is ES:

- Sending any event, such as opening a control panel, will work no matter what program is front-most. (Under other module hosts, the event will fail if the front process does not support AppleEvents.)

- Clicking on me with modifier key(s) down, while the CPU is busy, will still work if you later release the key(s).

- Clicking and releasing the mouse over any spot of the module will open up the appropriate folder. (Under other module hosts, the click must be directly over the icon, and cannot be in the boundaries of the module, since there is no way to calculate this area.)

- No idle time is used. (All modules open by other module hosts, that strictly follow the Control Strip API, eat idle time.)

• FAT binary. When used with a PowerMac, and Extensions Strip, PPC native code is used.

• New file icon. To see it, you need to rebuild your desktop file by holding down the command and option keys on startup.


Version 2.x - May, June 1995

• You call that a feature?!? Version 2 added stuff that people didn't like such as the display of enabled and disabled files in one menu, and the slow launching of the background daemon.


Version 1.x - June 1994

• Initial release. First control strip module module ever I wrote, and what got me hooked :-)