Process Manager 1.6

Copyright © 1995-2001 Ammon Skidmore

Skidperfect Software, Inc.



Release Notes:


Version 1.6 - May 14, 2001

• Process icons have a larger clickable area.

• Supports ES 2.0b5's new menubar mode.

• Swapped the handling of the control and command keys to be consistent with the was the Mac OS has progressed. Now control-clicking on PM brings up the Preferences/About menu, and command-clicking a process quits it.


Version 1.5 - July 31, 2000

• New preference option: Finder Hides Others. When set, clicking on the Finder's icon in this module will switch to the Finder and hide other programs. Also, pressing the Switch To Finder hotkey, will switch and hide others. This is nice when you need to quickly access an icon on your desktop.

• New application popup menu option: Make Alias on Desktop. It does just what you'd think.

• Dragging a process now uses translucent icons (you can only drag a process when "No Icon Dragging" is off in the preferences). More importantly, now when you drop the process on a folder or on the desktop, an alias to the process will be placed there.

• Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause a drag operation to a process to fail (dragging a file/folder and dropping it on a process' icon to open the items in that app).

• Fixed a bug that could cause the process list not to be updated.

• Added a web link to Skidperfect's control strip modules in the About Box.

• Updated the source code for Code Warrior IDE 5.3 with Universal Headers 3.3.2.


Version 1.4.2 - Jan 23, 1999

• Displays the new 32-bit icons under OS 8.5 (for programs that support it).

• Fix for displaying dialogs under Extensions Strip 1.9.1. Now can also display an open dialog under Control Strip 2.0. (The dialog is seen by choosing "Add to the filter…".)


Version 1.4.1 - Dec 14, 1998

• Worked around a problem where the Finder icon sometimes wouldn't be displayed.

• Fixed a bug where generic icons would be displayed for programs with some missing icons.

• Pressing shift+tab in the preferences will travel up the key list (tab alone goes down).

• Added a Troubleshooting section to the documentation to cover problems that people have written me about.


Version 1.4 - Nov 29, 1998

• Will run PPC native code under Control Strip 2.0 (part of OS 8.5).

• Improved balloon help for the processes (shift-click on an icon to see). The balloons now tell whether 68K or PPC code is running, how large the file is, what volume it resides on, and how much CPU time it has used.

• If you choose to display background-only applications in the preferences, they now appear dimmed in the display.

• Updated to Code Warrior IDE 4.


Version 1.3 - April 20, 1998

• This is the first release of Process Manager outside of the Extensions Strip Package. Control Strip users can now benefit from such a useful utility, and see what they are missing out on by not switching to Extensions Strip :-)

• Added an item to the preferences box to disable the ability to drag the process icons. With this option set, clicking and dragging the mouse on an icon will immediately display the popup menu.

• Changes to the process popup menu:

- You can switch to the selected process and automatically hide others after the switch.

- Total memory in use by the process is displayed.

- You are not allowed to quit the Finder anymore. This is to protect novice users. If you really want to quit the Finder, I recommend using my Terminator Strip module because it can also relaunch the Finder for you.

• The process balloon help now displays the version number and date the program was released (shift-click an icon to see it - but note that this won't work with Control Strip).

• Now performs extra error checking in case the preferences are corrupt.

• Updated to CodeWarrior IDE 3 and improved the documentation.


Version 1.2 - Mar. 29, 1998

• New Hot Keys:

- Switch to the last used process.

- Hide others after switching to last used process.

- Switch to the Finder.

• Added an option so that clicking on a process' icon will hides others after the switch.

• Clicking on a process with the shift key down displays its information balloon. Shift-clicking was used to hide the front process before switching. Now this is done by holding down the option key.

• Improved the method of getting keys in the preferences. Now the Tab key switches between fields.

• Works better with Control Strip - disabling features that are incompatible.


Version 1.1 - Dec. 7, 1995

• Supports the "filtering out" of processes. By default, Extensions Strip is filtered. To add a program to, or clear the filter, click on Process Manager with the command key down. To easily add a program that is currently running, click and hold down the mouse over it and select the "Filter out this process" menu item.

• Fixed a nasty bug that would cause a crash if you launched an application from a volume with no desktop database (ex. floppies, ShrinkWrap volumes, ect.)

• When used with Extensions Strip 1.2 and later, alias resolving is more friendly to unmounted remote volumes.


Version 1.0.1 - Nov. 11, 1995

• Clicking on a process other than the front-most one with the shift or option key down will hide the current process and switch to the clicked upon one. Yet, just like in version 1.0, clicking on the current process with the shift or option key down will hide all other processes.

• Now has a file-level balloon help description recognized by programs like Conflict Catcher.


Version 1.0 - Oct. 30, 1995

• Initial release.